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Founded by Harvard Medical School affiliated psychiatrists, we are proud to offer the highest levels of competence, compassion, and confidentiality in behavioral healthcare.
Rick McCartney, NP
Olivera Bogunovic, MD
Co-Founder and Medical Director
Eva Augusta
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Medication Management


We offer individual medication management, based on a comprehensive psychopharmacologic evalation.  All of our prescribers are supervised by board certified psychiatrists on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. 



We offer individual, couples, and family therapy, both as a stand alone and supplment to medication management. All of our therapists are doctoral level licensed psychologists.  

Family Education


We believe psychiatric illness impacts individuals and their families.  With our clients' permission, we involve families and provide education on behavioral health, treatment, and how to best support your loved one.   

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Child Services


We offer medication management and psychotherapy services for children and adolescents.  Our specially trained clinicians work with children and their families to develop individualized treatment plans focusing on the unique needs of this population.



All clients receive thorough individual assessements and treatment plans as part of their initial visits with us.  We additionally work closely with many area providers and experts in particular areas to provide further insight and support for certain unique situations.