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We Moved!

Please note we have moved office locations as of February 1, 2018.  


Please note the new address:  72 Sharp Street, Suite A5, Hingham, MA 02043.  The new location is a 5 minute drive from our old office, so we hope this will continue to be convenient for you.

Directions to the Office from the Street: 

When you drive into 72 Sharp Street complex, the office is in the building on the left right when you enter the complex from the street.  Suite A5 is the door to the right of the main center door in the A building.  It is on the first floor, sharing a suite with Baker Law.  You can enter the suite and sit in the waiting room on the left right when you walk in.

Please call us with any trouble finding it!


72 Sharp Street, Suite A5

Hingham, MA 02043


Tel: 781-312-7377

Fax: 781-709-1655

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